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Email Marketing

Email marketing offers you an effective means of communicating with your existing customers, or opted in subscribers. Our clients regularly use email marketing to send out important updates, quarterly newsletters and periodic sale promotions.


Despite sending out to a large number of people, your campaign can be personalised to each specific client thus increasing the response rates.  



Collect and manage your data

Your email recipients need to have opted in to receive your communications. We can add contacts to our database by


  • featuring a newsletter sign up form on your website
  • uploading a spreadsheet of your data



Create your campaign

We will custom design a template that will be used for all of your campaigns.


If you are managing your own campaigns then the tools are there for you to create your email; to add images, hyper links and content.




Our software provides the facility to fully test your campaign


  • test against a ‘spam score’ which will tell you if your campaign is likely to be filtered out as spam
  • preview your campaign in a number of simulated environments
  • send the campaign to yourself and your colleagues to preview


The software manages the sending of your email, regulating the speed in which they are sent so as not to overload the outgoing mail server.


You can


  • send your email to your entire mailing list or filter it to specific recipients
  • schedule your campaign to send at a certain time of day
  • send to multiple mailing lists in one day and the software will ensure that there are no duplicates


Any bounced emails will be processed, removing them from your mailing list.




After your campaign has been sent you can monitor the number of opens, click throughs, forwards and unsubscribes.




Would you like to send your clients birthday vouchers, or perhaps an email reminding them that they service renewal is coming up? The system will send out individual emails on specific date or action triggers.


Our prices

Prices for our fully managed email marketing services start from £10/month, this includes two email campaigns per year which can be sent to an unlimited number of subscribers.


We also offer a self service option giving you unlimited access for £45/month.

Please contact us for more information.