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Mobile Website Design

A mobile website will be a great asset to your business if your customers are regularly accessing your site from mobile devices. The optimised version will be simplified with a reduced navigation and only essential images. It will load quickly on a mobile device and use only a minimum of data resources.



What is a mobile website?

A mobile optimised website will be a simplified, adaptive version of your website that is easy to read and operate from the small touch screen of a mobile. The website will detect what size of screen is being used to access your site and if below a certain size your mobile site will be displayed.


It will have a reduced navigation and only essential images. This will allow it to open quickly and use a minimum amount of roaming data, which is important to mobile users who are not connected to WiFi.


Mobile websites are ideal if..

your customers are using a mobile device to access your site. Customers will appreciate a quick loading website that is easy to use, it will enable them to access information 'on the hop' and ultimately increase your sales.

If you use either of the following tools it is likely that customers are using your website while on a mobile device


You use email marketing

Emails are now regularly accessed on mobile devices, if you have a call to action in your emails that take customers to your website then an optimised mobile version of your site would be a good investment.

QR Codes

QR codes are a graphic that mobile users can scan using their device and it takes them directly to online content. If you use them as part of your online marketing you may wish to direct your customers to mobile optimised content.


If you would like to know what proportion of your visitors are using mobile devices and you have Google analytics installed on your website, we can look up the statistics to see.



Our prices

Our mobile website prices start from £300 however to include advanced features such as data search and ecommerce we would recomend a budget of £700 - £1200. Please contact us for more information



Mobile Apps

We do not create mobile apps, however you may be thinking of having one developed. In many cases a mobile website will be more cost effective to achieve the same, if not better results.


A mobile app (or application) is software written specifically for each mobile platform – a separate program has to be written for iPhone, Android and Windows and your app will need to be updated frequently to keep a breast with new software versions.


Depending on your requirements you are likely to need a budget in the region of £3,000 - £5,000 for all three application types with annual budget of £1,500.


A mobile website on the other hand is written in the same farmat as your main website and will work across all types of mobile phone or tablet - thus costing about 30% less.