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Search Engine Optimisation

Many books have been written to describe the how to achieving a good search engine ranking for your website. Essentially Google is looking to return the most relevant results for any given search – and we need to help Google understand your website and ‘pitch’ it as the most relevant website.


Our search engine optimisation services are designed to bring you the best sustainable results for your website.



We prepare a bespoke plan for every site

Google is very clever and must be respected – there are no ‘quick fixes’ we simply need to deliver a good quality website that is optimised for your search phrases.

A bespoke plan is written for each and every site we take on. We analyse your website, your competitors websites and take into account your budget to put together a specific action plan.

What are your keyword phrases?

The phrase that your consumers use to find your product or service is often referred to as a keyword phrase. We need to research what consumers are typing in to find your product or service so that we can optimise your site for the right keyword phrases.


What will consumers type in to find your product or service?

  • They will often use different words and phrases than you will to describe your product
  • When researching they will use quite broad search phrases
  • When they have narrowed down their search, and are ready to buy, they will use a longer more specific search phrase.


Once we have settled on a list of keyword phrases the rest of our search engine optimisation work will be based around these phrases.


Our Search Engine Optimisation

The program we put together for your website is likely to include:


  • keyword usage with optimum frequency, density and prominence
  • content development through the use of page content, news and articles
  • link building with quality, relevant website partners
  • regular reporting, reviews and competitor analysis.


Our prices

Our prices start at £250 per month.



A review of your websites performance

Online marketing is about reaching a goal. If your website is not reaching its goals you need to know why - and we can tell you.

You can spend all the money you like on optimisation and pay-per-click advertising to drive traffic to your website – but, crucially, if they are not converting into customers your money will be in vain. We can carry out a detailed performance review of your website detailing how to get more traffic onto your site and how to convert more visitors into customers.


Marketing review

If your website isn't in the top ten results for your chosen search term, our detailed report can give you all of the practical advice you need to get it there.


We will provide

  • A statistical and practical analysis of your website against the top ten listed websites’ for your given search phrase.
  • Detailed advice on the steps you can take to improve your listing

This report will be in the region of 20 pages in length, it is very comprehensive and easy to implement.

Website review

Using Google Analytics* we will analyse your website to determine your visitors behaviour before advising ways in which it can be improved.

We will look at


  • Which pages are popular – and which are not
  • How many pages do they visit and how long do they spend on each page
  • The route people take through your site and where they exit


Critically, we will then advise you how to fix the problems that arise.



*Google Analytics is a statistical resource provided by Google, it (anonymously) tracks all of your website visitors to tell us how people are using your website.


Our prices

Marketing and websites reviews can be ordered together or separately with prices from £75.