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Website regulations

There are a number of regulations that have come into force over the last decade which you need to be aware of to make sure your website complies.  The information below is provided as a starting point for your own investigations. It is your responsibility to ensure that your website complies with all legislation and regulations.



Identify yourself

You are required to publish the following on your website


  • Your full company name (if different from your trading name)
  • Contact information including an address
  • Registered companies must include their company number and registered address
  • If you are taking payments online and you are VAT registered then you should publish your VAT number.




A cookie is a small text file left on the visitor’s computer when they visit your website. A ruling has come in which require all websites to notify their end users if the website uses cookies and allow them to opt out.
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Ecommerce regulations

These apply to all business that market and sell goods and services online. They cover the way you communicate with your consumer, how you identify yourself and ensure that you clearly display pricing details.
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If you are trading online we would also recommend that you familiarise yourself with the laws regarding ecommerce contracts.
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Email marketing

If you are sending marketing emails all recipients must have opted in to receive your communications and you must provide a means to unsubscribe.


You should also identify yourself in your email campaign and provide contact details.



Sample policy documents

Business link provide sample privacy policies, copyright notices and website terms and conditions. 

Business link sample policy documents >